With the speed of the game getting faster and faster, it is essential that a players hands are able to keep up.

A very difficult skill to master in today’s game is moving your hands as quickly as your feet. It is very important that players looking to take their game to the next level become experts in this area.

Our new Rapid Stickhandling class is geared towards REP players and will focus on the development of their ability to move the puck at FULL SPEED.

Players will participate in intense, fast pace drills to enhance their ability to stick handle on their forehand, backhand, and most importantly “soft hands”. With step-by-step instruction, players will become agile and confident in no time!





Centre Ice is happy to introduce a Rep 3 ON 3 Hockey Skills Development & Game for Rep Tyke players. Due to Hockey Canada's rule change for the Tyke level, this clinic's main focus is to provide our young hockey players the opportunity to become more familiar with playing on a smaller ice surface while putting their hockey skills to work, staying tuned up and keeping game ready during the off season!

This will be a 3 ON 3 where teams are assigned each week and will play against equal caliber.

Pricing will be administered through the purchase of Centre Ice's Drop-In Savings Cards, which will reserve your spot for each week.



The modern game of hockey is emphasizing the need for skilled players. As a result of this philosophy, it is now imperative that each player master the skill sets of skating and stick handling/puck control.

This clinic will aid in the development of these key skills and provide our players with a higher level of confidence in these areas. Jeffrey is looking for those players that are motivated and committed to learning and improving skills and knowledge.

Jeffrey is looking forward to imparting his elite training received from NHL players, elite coaching and skills development trainers while playing in the OHL, onto young aspiring hockey players looking to make it to the next level.

Jeffrey will be running a set of sessions for 10-12 year olds and sessions for those who are 13+.


Christmas Elite AAA Training - Jeffrey Gilligan

This clinic is designed to take the participants' skating to the next level. Start, Stop & Stride will help our young players improve on a few of the most important skating skills. Participants will work on quickening their starts, as quick starts will help you win foot races, out-skate your opponent, get more loose pucks and provide more opportunities to shoot and score. 

This clinic will also focus on stopping properly, as well as perfecting and lengthening participants strides. Learning techniques for a proper stride will help with speed on the ice and saving energy. Drills will be created for players to feel confident in their skating ability as it is a critial skills of every player's game.




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